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Named as the mystic travel writer of all times, Jules Verne, our company is inbound and outbound tour operator grounded in the ethos of authentic and personalized travel experiences.  

We have been operating over 12 years, and are experts in providing fascinating and enjoyable tours throughout the Land of Eternal Blue Sky, Mongolia. Our scheduled tours have been designed to offer a good balance, where you can rediscover the beauty of its virgin nature, the last unspoiled travel destination existing in Asia, stunning lakes, the rich desert of Gobi – home of dinosaur – fossils, the sea of grasslands, dense untouched forest, unique wildlife and many other surprising places and sights.

As PATA, JATA and ABTA bonded tour operator, you can be assured that your holiday is adequately protected. We are also a member of the Mongolian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Mongolian National Tourism Association.  Jules Verne Mongolia team takes great pride in going the Extra Mile to providing excellent service.

Escape the hustle and bustle of big crowd and hassle of turbulent urban life. We would take you through experiences that blur the barrier between exotic and esoteric, mundane and magnificent, the surprising and breathtaking, exciting and authentic.

We are inviting you to explore the most beautiful parts of our amazing country with thousands years of cultural heritage and nomadic tradition, by the most comfortable and safe way along with us. 


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