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Discover and Enjoy Mongolia with Jules Vernes Travel Company
5 year 2 months ago
Jules Vernes is (Trip-Mongolia) glad to travel with you on memorable interesting tour package funny Mongolia. We believe in that it can be unforgettable and happiness time you spent in Mongolia. Our stuffs want to discover only “Real” Mongolia not secret things and no therefore we will provide qualified accommodation for your comfort.
Guide are friendly Mongolian, know about Mongolia completely and high ability of English and other foreign languages.
Wait you unforgettable memory & full of wonderful surprises…
5 year 2 months ago


Arranging a quality vacation in place as diverse and expansive as Mongolia is no easy task. Where do we go, how much time do we spend, where’s a good place to eat, what shouldn’t we miss, how do we fit it all in without wasting precious time? The tours organized by JVM are ideal first wilderness experiences for families, couples, and individuals who want to join an active group or explore the country separately. Many seasoned travelers come and marvel at

Visit a wide range of wild places

From the magestic sand dunes of Gobi and glaciers of the Yol Valleyto the flowered tundra and mountain vistas of Huvsgul Lake area... from the turquoise waters of Terkhiin Tsagaan Lakeand magnificent surroundi.ngs of the Gurvan Saikhan National Park ... our tours are active adventures in full view of Mongolia’s natural splendors.

Enjoy Naadam

Watch Mongolians celebrate the cultural and sport heritage of nomads during this National holiday. For centuries, Mongolian warriors demonstrated their skill and power through wrestling, horse racing and archery.


Float wild and scenic waterways, mountain bike in Khuvsgul Lake area, stay overnight in a Mongolian traditional dwelling-ger, horse, camel and yak riding, watch the Milky way in the starry nights as you gather around the fireside.
  Explore Mongolia with in small groups

We’ll explore Mongolia in group sizes appropriate for the terrain, usually 4 to 8. In the evenings, for meals, and while traveling, we gather as a group allowing participant sample time to get to knowone another and join in interesting conversation. Our trip sizes, usually 4 to 8, are small enough to accommodate personal touches, yet large enough to ensure you’ll travel with forks with common interests.


We seek out the best and many have worked with us for a long time. You will learn a great deal about Mongolia, feel
safe, have your needs looked after, and have ample time to enjoy the trip. During road travel our professional drivers operate comfortable and spacious minivans and coaches.


Folks from all over the world participate in our trips and half the fun is meeting new friends and sharing activities together.


Many of our guests remark at the quality of our staff and the smooth efficiency of our organization. We take great pride in our experienced and pleasant hospitality staff. We understand that, it is in the end, our staff is who will turn your vacation info a trip of a lifetime.



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